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Soccer Nutrition

Soccer is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, speed, agility and endurance. Unlike many team sports, soccer players sometimes play the entire 45 minutes of each half without a substitution. During this time, the...

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Football Nutrition

Football Nutrition Football is an explosive sport with very specific energy needs. When thinking about football players training programs most people imagine a big, strong, athletic looking player lifting weights or pushing a...

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Meal Plan Step By Step Guide

Champion Athletes provides a systematic approach to nutrition programs for wrestlers in 3 Steps: Step 1: Growth Analysis and Projection (Ages-8-18) In office and remote clients only. All others please see steps 2 & 3.   When...

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For more information about our programs For more information about our programs click on one of the assessments below to read more. Sports Nutrition and Comprehensive Assessment Through proper nutrition and hydration, you can...

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Basketball Nutrition

Basketball Nutrition Basketball is an explosive sport with very specific energy needs. Basketball players have very specific demands on their body. While running for most of the game, starters need to preform many short,...

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Swimming Nutrition

Swimming Nutrition Swimming is one of the most difficult sports in terms of meeting your bodies nutritional needs. Whether it be a short distance or long distance swimmer, swimmers burn through an extraordinary amount of...

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Lacrosse Nutrition

Lacrosse Nutrition Often called “the fastest sport on two legs,” lacrosse varies from low to very high intensities, relying on all the major energy systems. Elite lacrosse athletes need a combination of physical and mental...

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